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Creating the
unexpected in
Metals and
Native Texas Woods
"In Symphony"
~ spalted pecan & wenge~
Entertainment Center
~mesquite, limestone & spalted pecan~
"Texas Own"
~mesquite, limestone, glass~
"Splash A Color"
~metal & maple~
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Barry's Creative Mind at Work ...
Below are art pieces which have found homes. Click on the photo for a larger view of the piece and enjoy!  
Custom pieces - always our pleasure!
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Occasional Tables
mesquite w/turquoise inlay
~mesquite & limestone~
"Moonrise" Mirror
~mesquite & maple~
"Heart of the Ocean"
~ebonized fir, copper, ash~
~various native woods~
Mesquite Box
with Axis Horn
"Needle & Thread"
~maple & rope~
23-1/2" H x 17" dia.
"Tufted Bench"
~pecan & metal~
~mesquite & copper~
"A River Runs Through It"
~mesquite & walnut~
"Copper Cane"
~mesquite & copper~
"Spreading a Rainbow"
~metal & walnut~
"Hung out to Dry"
~pecan & metal~
"Branching Out" Coffee Table
~mesquite, iron, turquoise~
"Silk Moth"
~mesquite w/turquoise~
Cedar Strip Canoe
Carved Longhorn Skull
~mesquite, cedar & turquoise~
"On the Fence"
~mesquite & cedar~
"Breaking the Surface"
~mesquite & pecan~
"Empty Nest"
~oak burl~
Fireplace Screen
Collaboration with
Kathy Dalrymple
Mesquite & Glass-on-Glass Mosaic
Mesquite Lamps
Mesquite Bench
with Turquoise Inlay
Mesquite Floor Lamp with
Copper Lotus
Mesquite Floor Lamp with Iron Base & Rawhide Shade
Catalpa Wood Lazy Susan
with Iron Rails
"Fish Lure Mirror"
~mesquite with turquoise~
​Spalted Pecan Boxes with
Mesquite Lids, Quilted Maple interior, African Ebony accents
Custom Mesquite Desk with Turquoise Inlay and 3 drawers, along with scalloping & hand carving strategically formed
on legs and top of desk.
32" H x 62" W x 35" D

Front View
Back View
"Needle & Thread"
~walnut & nylon rope~
Art Chair
~mesquite & maple~
"Strokes of Red"
~steel & maple~
"Branching Out" Bench
~mesquite, iron & turquoise inlay~
"Two Hearts"
~mesquite & limestone~
Mesquite & Spalted Pecan
24" H x 52" W x 18" D
Mesquite Entry/Sofa Table
30" H x 54" W x 16" D
"Broken Spirit"
Mesquite & Horn
32" H x 34" W x 19" D
Cypress & Mesquite
Mesquite & Walnut
Entry/Sofa Table
Spalted Pecan Bowl
w/Deer Horn
Spalted Pecan Table
w/Mesquite Legs
& Glass Top
Mesquite Pedestal
Mesquite, Cedar & Tin Bar
w/Copper Star
Collaboration with Darrin Potter
"Cat Tails" Table
~bois d'arc, iron, glass~
"Cat Tails"
"Melting Table"
~iron & glass~
Sculpture - Table Top
Branching Out Entry Table
~mesquite & iron~
Spalted Pecan Bench
Spalted Pecan 
Entry Table

"Texas Bouquet"
Mesquite, Copper & Limestone
25" H x 26" dia.
"Moon Dance"
Iron, Limestone & Mesquite

"Splash A Color VIII"
~metal & walnut~
"Mesquite Prickly"
Accessories & More
Sculpture - Floor
Mesquite Lazy Susan
with Turquoise Inlay
Mesquite Entry/Sofa Table with Floating Top,
Turquoise Inlay and Natural Flowing Edges on Top
32-1/2" H x 68" W x 18" D
Mesquite Coffee Table
w/Turquoise Inlay
18"H x 58" W x 21" D
Mesquite Bench
with Axis Hide
20" H x 46" W x 17" D
Mesquite Occasional Tables
with Ebonized Walnut Legs
& Turquoise Inlay
24" H x 17-1/2" W x 23" D
"Catching a Rainbow"
~ metal ~
17" H x 50" W

Mesquite Feather
"Splash A Color VI"
~metal & pecan~
16" H x 56" W
~walnut root, maple 
& ebony~
"Refresh VI"
~walnut, copper & 
cast aluminum~
Mesquite Coffee Table
w/Turquoise Inlay
18" H x 56" W x 29" D
Mesquite Entry Table
w/Turquoise Inlay
32" H x 71" W x 15" D
Walnut Bench
with Nylon Rope
19" H x 45" W x 17" D
"Jelly Fish"
~mesquite & pecan~
Mesquite Bowl w/Axis Horn
6" H x 27" W x 9-1/2" D

~walnut root & hand-cut metal~
32" H x 30" W x 10" D
"Emergence 2"
Cherry & Metal
26" H x 31" W x 15" D
Hand Carved
Maple & Mesquite
Retro Tufted Bench on Iron Base
Spalted Maple w/Brazilian Cherry Buttons
18-3/4" H x 41-1/2" W x 13-1/2" D
Mesquite & Elm Entry Table
w/Turquoise Inlay
28" H x 54" W x 16" D
"Coral Reef"
~cast aluminum, oak burl & limestone~
Mahogany Accent Light
68" high x 29" dia.
Spalted Maple Coffee Table
with Sculpted Steel Base
19" high x 44" x 39"
Mesquite & Walnut Coffee Table
19-1/2" H x 44" x 38"
Mesquite Occasional Tables
with Steel Bases
25" high x 18" x 25" top
25" high x 19" x 22" top
Mesquite Bench
with Axis Hide
19-1/2" H x 37-3/4" W x 17" D
"Branching Out" Entry Table
Mesquite with Turquoise Inlay
& Iron
32" H x 77" W x 19" D
~cypress & mesquite~
Mesquite & Walnut Entry Table
29-1/2" H x 69" W x 17-1/2" D
Mesquite Entry/Occasional Table with Spalted Pecan Legs and
Mesquite Base, Turquoise Inlay
30" high x 58" wide x 17" deep
Spalted Maple Box, 
Mesquite Lid
7"H x 14-3/4"W x 8-3/4"D
"Cloud over Mesa"
reclaimed cypress logs & mesquite
Figured Ash Box
with Mesquite Lid
7" H x 14-3/4" W x 8-3/4" D
"Tatanka IV"
~mesquite, Texas ebony & sandstone~
13" H x19" D x 9" D
Cast Aluminum & Copper
on driftwood

"Sadie's Corner"
Hand Bent & 
Forged Metal
Sculpture - Wall
Mesquite & Maple Entry Table
w/Turquoise Inlay
32" H x 65" W x 17" D
Mesquite Coffee Table
Turquoise Inlay & 
Maple Base w/Bonus Shelf
20" H x 56" W x 20" D
​Mesquite & Hickory
Occasional Tables
24" high x 31" x 19"
Spalted Maple Occasional Table with Hand Forged, 
Hand Bent Metal Base
32" H x 49" W x 19" D
​Mesquite & Pecan Entry Table
with Turquoise Inlay
32" high x 60" wide x 16" deep
Mesquite Entry Table
with Turquoise Inlay &
Hand Forged/Bent
Metal Base
31" H x 60" W x 13" D

"Honoring the Tradition"
Carved Cypress

Mesquite Coffee Table
w/Scalloped Edge 
Iron Base
18"H x 49-1/4"W x 181/4"D
Mesquite Entry Table
w/Turquoise Inlay
& Steel Base
32" high x 15" deep x 60" wide
"Couples Night at the Driftwood"
Various Native Texas Woods
22" H x 22" W x 14" D
"Refresh VII"
​Cast Aluminum, Copper,
 Oak Burl Driftwood
"Texas Proud"
Aluminum Casting
 with Brass Accents
36" x 6" x 6"

Mesquite Mirror w/Turquoise Inlay
18" dia.
"Emergence III"
34" high x 32" x 32"

Mesquite Coffee Table with Hammered Iron Base & Natural Edge Top 
with Butterfly Joints
18" high x 57" wide x 19" deep
Mesquite & Axis Hide Bench
18" H x 44" W x 18" D
Mesquite & Hickory Occasional Table
23-1/2" high x 29" x 18"
Mesquite Stools/Benches
on Iron Bases
18" H x 26" W x 15" D
18" H x 28" W x 15" D

Texas Style Mesquite Entry Table
34" high x 63" x 15"
​Designed with my motto of "creating the unexpected".
​The base was forged from 3/8" round metal stock to resemble barbed wire. The top is shaped from Hill Country mesquite with turquoise inlay and an ebony butterfly joint.
Awarded "Best Texas Style"
 Texas Furniture Makers Show
Cypress Table/Bench
w/Turquoise Inlay &
Iron Leg
18-1/4"H x 49"W x 18"D
"Widow's Nest" Chair
Hand Shaped Metal
100" H x 78" W x 24" D
"Splash Dance"
Redwood Burl
16" high x 28" wide x 1-1/2" deep
"Surviving the Struggle"
Mesquite Table, Wall Mounted

Mesquite Entry Table
​w/Sycamore Base
33" H x 65" W x 16" D
Hand Carved Mesquite Feather
on Spalted Maple Base
Lathe Turned Painted Maple Beads
74" high x 16" x 16"
"Splash a Color XI"
Walnut, Steel, Aluminum
44" high x 20" wide x 16" deep
"Stone Hinge"
​16" high x 55" x 25"
This piece is a functional interpretation of a play on words. 
The "stone" is actually curved and textured cypress. The "hinge" is constructed out of ash. The screws are mesquite & hand turned on the lathe. 
The piece is held together by a steel infrastructure that took some creative planning.
Furniture Show Committee Award
Mesquite Entry Table w/Turquoise Inlay
& Iron Base
32" H x 60" W x 14-1/2" D
Axis Hide Stool on 
Hand-Crafted Metal Base
19" high x 18" x 18"
Sycamore & Axis Hide Bench
18" high x 44" wide x 18" deep
Mesquite Entry Table
​w/Turquoise Inlay
32" H x 62" W x 22" D
Texas Style Loveseat
Mesquite & Maple
Aluminum Castings on Driftwood
"Touch of Color"
Maple & Steel
36" high x 8" x 8"
"Drop of Red"
Cypress & Mesquite
7" high x 9" dia.
Natural Edge Mesquite 
Coffee Table with Cypress Legs & Turquoise Inlay
​17" H x 25" D x 56" W
Walnut & Steel Occasional Table
33" H x 73-1/2" W x 16" D
Mesquite Wine Storage Table
w/Turquoise Inlay
& Hand Fabricated Metal Base
32" high x 56" wide x 16" deep
Mesquite Coffee Table 
w/Iron Base
Turquoise Inlay & 
Butterfly Joints
18" high x 52" x 20"
Mesquite Longhorn w/Western Red Cedar Horns & Turquoise Inlay
24" high x 54" wide
"Counter Balance"
Mesquite & Ash
32-1/2" H x 57" W x 13" D

Walnut Cabinet w/Mesquite Top 
& Door Pulls
36" H x 24" W x 16" D
Mesquite Wine Rack Table
Mesquite Occasional Table w/Floating Top on Walnut Base
Mesquite Occasional Table w/Turquoise, Butterfly Joints & Hammered Steel Base
Axis Hide Stools
Axis Hide Bench
on Hand-Crafted Metal Base
20" H x 39" W x 18" D
Mesquite, TX Ebony, Sycamore
20" H x 10" W x 8" D
"Perception III"
Aluminum Casting on Limestone
"At Rest"
Hand-Carved Mesquite on
Granite & Iron Base
51" high x 29" x 17"
Mesquite Benches
15-1/2" H x 45" W x 13" D 
Mesquite Coffee Table
17-1/2" H x 45 W x 18 D
Spalted Pecan Coffee Table with 
Bookmatched Top
Black Metal Base
18" high x 48" x 33"
Mesquite Sofa Table
w/Turquoise & Hammered Metal Base
32" high x 48" wide x 10" to 13" deep
Mesquite Coffee Table w/Turquoise Inlay
Hand-Forged Steel Base
19" H x 52" W x 18" D
Mesquite Guitar
Mesquite Stand w/Turquoise
Mesquite Lamps w/Turquoise & Sheepskin Shades
"Filet & Release"
Stainless Steel
12" high x 40" wide
For your wall or kinetic
Mesquite Entry Table
w/Turquoise Inlay &
Charred Ash Base
32" H x 61" W x 16" D
Mesquite Wine Rack Pedestal
36" H x 10" x 12"
"Paint a Rainbow"
Metal w/Hand-Crafted Mahogany Paintbrush
12" high x 48" wide
"First Bloom"
Mesquite, Copper, Limestone
24" high x 24" x 29"
"Rare Find"
Cast Aluminum on
Mesquite Base
4" high x 7" x 4-1/2"
"Refresh XII"
Cast Aluminum & Copper on Mesquite
12" high x 6" x 5"
"Refresh X & XI"
Cast Aluminum & Copper 
on Driftwood
"Soul Mates"
Mesquite, Walnut, Ash
18" high x 8" x 5"
Mesquite Coffee Table
19" high x 57" x 20"
"Texas Proud"
Cast Aluminum on
Mesquite Base
5" high x 6" x 8"
Screen/Room Divider
Tigerwood, Ash Trim & Fused Glass Panels
72" H x 60" W x 1" D
Hand Carved Axis Antler
on Mesquite
"Filet & Release #3"
Mahi Mahi, Stainless Steel
16" high x 44" wide
Mesquite Lamps
w/Turquoise Inlay &
Sheepskin Shades
"Splash A Color" XIII
Sycamore Paintbrush
& Metal
14" high x 42" wide x 11" deep
"Hash Tag"
Metal &
Hand-Built Walnut Brush
26" high x 32" wide x 12" deep
"Harvey Revisited"
Steel with an 
Acrylic Enamel Finish
21" high x 30" wide x 10" deep
"Mahi Mahi"
Enamel Paint on Juniper Cedar Driftwood
Patina on Copper
16" high x 49" wide x 6" deep
"Two Hearts"
Steel on 
Walnut Base
Mesquite Wine Rack Table
w/Hand Fabricated Leaves
32" H x 52" W x 15" D
Mesquite Occasional Table w/Turquoise & Metal Base
32-1/2" H x 50" W x 11" D
Mesquite Occasional Table
w/Charred Ash Base
32-1/2" H x 60" W x 16" D
Sycamore Bench
fashioned in the 
Mid-Century Modern Style
with a hand-crafted 
powder coated steel base
"Wrenched" Coffee Table
Walnut & Pipe Wrenches
17-1/2" H x 42" W x 20" D
Mesquite Table w/Turquoise & 
Hand Forged Metal Base
33” H x 50” W x 12” D
Cypress Bench/Coffee Table
Shushugi Ban Finish on
 Edge and Bottom with Metal Legs
18" H x 43" W x 16" D
Mesquite Coffee Table
w/Turquoise Inlay & Metal Base
18" high x 50" x 27"
Spalted Pecan Occasional Table
w/Welded Conveyor 
Belt Base
34" H x 54" W x 12" D
Entry/Occasional Table
Mesquite Top w/Turquoise Inlay
Walnut Base
32" H x 60" W x 16-1/2" D
Mesquite Coffee Table or Bench on Conveyor Chain & 
with Turquoise Inlay
20" H x 43" W x 19" D
"Driven III & IV"
Mesquite & Cast Aluminum
Mesquite Occasional Table
w/Turquoise Inlay & 
Hammered Steel Base
32" H x 63" W x 14" D
Mesquite Charcuterie Board
w/White Tail Deer Handles
Mesquite Bench & Stools
w/Axis Hide Cushions
"Mahi Mahi"
Hand Carved and Painted on Cypress

Kinetic - Stainless Steel
10" high x 26" wide

Kinetic - Stainless Steel
20" high x 44" wide
"Sand Ray"
Cast Aluminum on Maple
"Bottom Dwellers"
Cast Aluminum on Sycamore
"In the Grass"
Cast Aluminum and Copper on 
Spalted Maple
Cast Aluminum on Mesquite
Pecan & Sycamore 
Occasional Table
32" H x 52" W x 12-1/2" D
​Hand Carved Maple Cushions, 
Hand-Bent, Forged, & Welded 
Steel Frame - Chromed
Mesquite Coffee Table with
Turquoise Inlay &
Waterfall Edge
18" H x 48" W x 18" D
"Texas Modern"
Cowhide on Leather & Pillow,
Walnut & Maple Bent Laminations